Qube Procurement specializes in sourcing and delivering high-quality raw materials, including white oil, microwax, and talcum powder, to cosmetic industries worldwide, with a commitment to on-time delivery, top-quality products, personalized solutions, and sustainable sourcing.

Sourcing & Purchasing

Sourcing and purchasing of high-quality raw materials such as white oil, microwax, and talcum powder for cosmetic industries globally.


Delivery of raw materials to cosmetic industries worldwide.

Evaluation of suppliers

Rigorous evaluation of suppliers based on their quality, price, and delivery times.

Top Quality Products

Providing top-quality products at competitive prices and on-time delivery, regardless of the location of the customer.

Quality Control

Extensive quality control checks at every stage of the procurement process.


Open and honest communication with customers, providing personalized solutions to their procurement needs.

Sustainable Sourcing

Commitment to sustainability by sourcing raw materials from ethical and sustainable suppliers globally.